Dofus 3.11.1

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  • Licencia: Freeware
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  • Sistema: w2000 wXP vista w7 w8
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An umissable date for all fans of good role playing games, and now in Spanish.

Dofus is a massive, multiplayer on-line RPG designed and created completely in Flash, that, without doubt, won`t let expert players down. The chacracteristics of Dofus are those of all good RPGs. There is an outstanding number of different characters and races to choose from (up to 11), each one with their own qualities, and you can personalize almost everything: your character`s name, sex, colour, etc.

Dofus has an impressive level of graphic detail in every scene, well above the usual you find on-line. The variety of characters is also wide: humans, animals, fairies, etc. Each one of them has a culture, gods and religions.

The story and argument of Dofus have a common theme: humour. The game has a fun and relaxing style. But the classic elements of RPG are still there: pacts, alliances, adventure, hidden treasure, horrible monsters and evil rivals, etc.

Dofus is a complete universe to walk around, with many friends, and enemies, with which to interact, missions, errands, all type of adventures, business, dangers and very well done scenes and graphics. All the ingredients needed to create a great RPG, which is also free.


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